Eyeliner – Just wing it!


Eyeliner, one of the most important steps in your makeup look! Eyeliner is one of the hardest application to get to grips with and it can either make or break your look – For example if the liner looks different on each eye or if you’re going for a natural makeup look but go to heavy on the liner or the lines are not straight  – like they say eyeliner can sense your fear!

When it comes to eyeliner everyone has there own preference I Personally prefer the gel liner. Why? I find it’s easier to apply, it’s a better coverage and it’s easier to correct with the right brush.

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner 1.png                                                                  Maybelline gel eyeliner

Growing up I tried pencil liner, liquid liner but then I discovered Maybelline gel liner and found it so much easier to apply and that I didn’t look completely ridiculous. 

If you’re starting out in the world of eyeliner I would recommend Maybelline gel eyeliner, apply with a small angled brush this i found made my application easier and better.

                                               High Definition angled brow brush

                                                     High Definition duo gel liner

                                                       Zoeva 317 wing liner brush

If you’re ready to take that extra step i’d highly recommend the high definition duo gel liner it has a mixture of black liner and brown liner. Brown eyeliner is great if you just want a subtle day to day look or if you like to be more adventurous and want to make your eyes pop the black is great especially alongside a smokey eye. The perfect companion to use alongside the high definition duo gel liner is the high definition angled brow brush for the application, they work brilliantly together. But if you can get your hands on a zoeva 317 wing liner brush buy it! Its one of my favourites to use.


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