When In Rome.


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Rome is a place I’ve always wanted to visit so i thought why not!

Myself and Ben flew out on new year’s eve very early in the morning and arrived mid day. This was perfect as it gave us time to walk around and find where things where!

The only problem was our luggage was in Amsterdam and we were in Rome. Although we didn’t let it affect us.

The sights in Rome are unreal it seemed everywhere you turned or down every little street there was an historic building ready to explore!

We saw the Colosseum, The Roman Forum, The Vatican and many many more.


One of the main things for me in Rome was the food. I was more that ready to go and eat my body weight in pizza, pasta and ice cream.

There was two places that really stood out to us. First one was a little restaurant by the Vatican. The food was brilliant and so was the service. But, my all time favourite restaurant was Ristorante, which was right by our hotel. At Ristorante we only ordered mains, I had pesto pasta and Ben had the seafood risotto, before it arrived they brought over bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil as well as bread sticks and after our meal they bought over a shot of limoncello and some pastries – complimentary which i thought was lovely and would 100% go again if I ever go back to Rome.

If you ever go to Rome you have to have the ice cream, oh my word! It was amazing, I had one every day which means i had 5! So I had literally eaten my body weight in pizza, pasta and ice cream.

SHOPPING!! Shopping is something i love to do when i go away well to be honest it’s something I love to do period!

Digital Camera


The shopping in Rome was amazing they had high-street shops, boutique shops and designers shops ( 3 storey louis Vuitton which was insane ) the shops were on little windy cobbled streets with fairy lights from shop to shop which just topped it off and fall in love with Rome!



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