I recently bought the too faced hangover primer and the peaches eye shadow pallet when I was in Rome.

The hangover primer I had seen pictures of it on Instagram as I follow too faced.

For Christmas my dad had been to Sephora to buy me a few bits and bobs, if you’ve been to Sephora you’ll know that when you have purchased something there is a bar code on your receipt which you scan at the machine in the shop ( which I love doing) you can pick a few samples to try- it varies from perfume, skin care and make up!

What I’m trying to say is my dad had picked the hangover primer sample, which of course I used as I’d seen it advertised. I got 2-3 uses out of it and really like the feel of it especially as it’s not greasy on my face ( I have to admit I struggle with finding a good primer) I really liked it and found it made my make up last.

I was determined to buy it and Since I have I’ve used it everyday and My make up is lasting ,which is such an important thing as you don’t have to worry about your foundation fading or it going patchy after a few hours.

Id seen the peaches range advertised on Instagram and to be honest the main thing that attracted me to the product was the cute little peach on the packaging. 

The colours in the pallet are perfect for me they are my favourite colours I love to use.
The pigment is amazing you really don’t need a lot on your brush and it goes far.

Plus the fact it smells like peaches makes the pallet even better!


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