Brighton – up your day! 

There’s something about being at the beach which makes life better and having your best friend there with you is the best thing I could ask for. I went to surprise one of my best friends holly at uni in Chichester and we went to Brighton for the day/night. 
On our way to the hotel we walked though the cobbled streets of Brighton past the shops and of course went in a few … or 10. 

After finally making it to our hotel we went for a spot of lunch … (me and holly can eat for England) we pigged out. We Went to a lovely restaurant called Buddies which over looked the beach. 

We ordered the double chicken BLT burger and chips, large. 
Now feeling like we’re going to explode we sat on the beach people watching ( I love to do this) and put the world to right. We were so lucky as the sun was shining and it was full of an amazing atmosphere on the beach and in Brighton. 

Walking along the pier listening to the sea gulls and the terrible fun fair music that reminds you of your childhood. Having to play on the 2p slot machine are always a must then we sat and ate fresh doughnuts on the deck chairs while watching the sunset. We had dinner at a restaurant called Abadeen which is on one of the side streets in Brighton and I have to say the food and service was amazing! Me and holly shared a massive bowl of mussels in cream and garlic sauce and of course chips too! 

The staff were very friendly, easy to talk to and made us feel at home. 

Our waiter was very welcoming and was more than happy to stand and chat to us instead of taking our order and leaving.  

It’s safe to say we eat our way through the day! 

Brighton is a must especially with friends. 


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