The End Is In Sight.

With my last few weeks remaining in the alps were all trying to make the most of it which yes, means we’re going out every night.

My season has been filled with so many memories, laughter and a ridiculous amount of shots and I’m going to miss it.

Everyday theres a new battle of is there any hot water today, can we ski or is it a white out and have we got pasta for lunch again. Is there any toilet roll in the flat? What complaints we will have this week, can we afford to drink anything nicer than chalet wine! Where we’re going out and where to pre drink, wether to walk home or to wait for the bus or am I going to run out of pants this week because the washing machine is always in use.

So I came to the mountains to do the job that I love but it’s seems that wasn’t the only job I’d be doing… you end up doing EVERYTHING from being a chef to bar work to chalet. Everyone helps everyone out.

I got to spend my 21st in the alps with all these amazing people and i have to say I think it was the messiest 2days of my life, but it was so worth it. I’m so thankful and happy I got to spend it here, it was so special.

I’m well and truly going to miss the mountains and all the crazy people that have crossed/made my season that little bit more wild, but I’m excited for what my next adventure holds.

Tignes you have been unreal, Thank you.


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