My New Adventure.

So I arrived in Kos on the 1st of May. I will be living/ working in Kos until the start of November and here i will be managing a salon inside the Lakitiria Beach Resort.

The resort I’m working in is absolutely beautiful and it has been so hot – 28 degrees for the first few days which has been heaven but, wow I’m already in love the island it’s so beautiful.

There’s no messing around here straight into work i go, Setting up the salon. The resorts that Mark Warner use in the winter and summer get packed down as the season comes to the end, which means when the season starts again the managers and heads of departments fly out a week or so earlier to the resort before the hotel opens, this is called start up! When I arrived to my spa its all empty rooms apart from 2, which have all the equipment pack away and labelled, this means i get to redesign the spa to how i’d like it too look. Also in start up you get training for example the standards that are expected, customer service, rules and regulations, which we then go over with our staff members once they’ve arrived.

We have an container which arrives from England with all our stock on. This arrived 6 days into being here and it took the whole team about 4 hours just to unload it. So on the container there was boats, bikes, childcare and of course all the beauty stock! And there was a lot of it.


It’s crazy all the buildings are so pretty there all white and blue and the sea is an unreal turquoise colour! The only thing i’m not a fan of is there Creatures the Ants the same size of spiders and the spiders jump and I’ve now been bitten to shreds by mosquitoes. I can’t go to bed until i know there isn’t a mosquito left in my room… and yes that means I’ve been running around my room at night with a flip flop in my hand, trying to get them.

I’ve gone from eating pizza. pasta, burgers, and a ridiculous amount of cheese in the Alps to eating Greek yogurt and Greek salads. I’m starting to feel like i could be one of those healthy girls we all dream of being but we just love our food to much. Going off that i had my first gyros, so maybe that lifestyle wont be for me. 

The food is to die for, as you all know i love to eat out. so that is what I’ve been doing. I been to a few Greek restaurants and have had the best chicken and  halloumi I’ve ever tasted, the cocktails are pretty good too.I also think that eating your food and sipping on a cocktail while watching the sunset over the sea just makes everything better.

We were lucky enough to have a half day on Friday and Saturday off so naturally we all went to the beach to get the last few rays before we had to get ready for dinner. It was so lovely as everyone came for dinner just before all the craziness of the general staff arriving. We went to a restaurant called ‘Chindian’ which is THE best restaurant ever!! They serve Indian food and Chinese food, yes i know… I was in food heaven. After we all went out had a few drinks and a boogie.

On Saturday a few people were feeling a bit worse for wear but we went for brunch at Skala ( which is my favourite place to go) and then on to a place called kool pool. This is a swimming pool in the middle of the town with sun beds all around the outside, oh and free to get into which is a bonus. we spent all day here recovering, sun-bathing and laughing the day away.


I am now ready for the next week of start up and for the hotel to open.


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