March Favourites.

March Favourites.

As we have all the time in the world at the moment i decided to get back into my blogging and what best to do it as a good old march favourites.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 faves

First off – Hair care

  1. Wella elements leave in conditioning hair spray – not only does it smell divine but its a best friend to your hair, it leaves it shiny, conditioned and soft. It’s always been my go to when i’m struggling with my hair, if it feels dead and lifeless.
  2. The remanision circle – Liberty London. Hopeless hair extreme repair mask. I run it through my ends, put it in a bobble and leave it in overnight to sink in – Wash it off in the morning leaving hair repaired and healthy looking (also smells amazing)

Second – Skin care 

  1. Is clinical face wash – This is one of the best cleansers i’ve found that works for my skin. Not only is it deep cleansing as it gets into your pores and gives them a deep clean it’s also resurfacing leaving your skin with a fresh healthy glow also balances your skin’s pH level leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.
  2. Elemis oxygenating marine cream – the perfect night cream, it feels so luxurious and rich – smells beaut too, It’s like an overnight mask full of goodness for your skin helping with hydration and ageing.

Lastly – Body.

  1. Soap and glory body butter. Oh my goodness isn’t this just the best smell ever ( if you hadn’t guessed yet 80% of the reason I buy things is because of the smell).
  2. St Moriz tanning mist. This is perfect for tanning my face and neck. I struggle to get the tan right, it always goes patchy- wheres with this you get an even coverage all over. 


I hope that quarantine isn’t so bad for you all. Keep your chin up we are another day closer to being on a plane going to that hot country where we are dreaming of sipping a pina colada.



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