The Makeup Edit.

The Makeup Edit.

Treat yourself, you’re in quarantine!

Well, you know how it is, any excuse to treat myself!! Sometimes I just do it because it’s a Tuesday – you know, “treat yourself Tuesday”?!  I know it’s not really a thing but it is in my world haha!

As it is my birthday this week and we’re all stuck indoors. I decided I wanted a nice new lipstick – let’s call it a happy birthday to me lipstick”.  I also told myself I wasn’t going to spend a lot of money (spending money is what I’m best at) as … well we don’t really know what’s going on in the world at the minute.  I told myself to be sensible as I might not get paid next month, I have bills to pay, oh and yeah, I’m buying a house too!

However, before I knew it the lipstick then became a gloss, a highlighter, eye shadow (you get where this is going) so it became a big happy birthday to me and this is what turned up the next day…a lot!!!

I don’t really know where to start so let’s break it down and start off with the base.:

Two Faced Hangover –  good to go, this a moisturiser with SPF 25, smells so good.

YSL Pure Shots – it’s a night re boost serum

Peppermint holka holka – I decided to get this as it’s meant to help remove blackheads and help with congestion. My face could do with a detox.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation – it’s’ a foundation I’ve used on models before but never on myself – i was also getting bored of my MAC foundation and wanted to try something new. I have to say it’s one of the best foundations I’ve used in a while, it leaves your skin looking flawless.

Then onto eyes….

Two Faced Pretty Rich Diamond eye shadow palette – first off, not only are the colours amazing but the packaging is soooo pretty.

Illamasqua solid pigment in Roxy – I just couldn’t’ resist, it was too pretty not to have.

Stardust – I loved that it was glittery and multi-coloured.  It will be great for a stronger evening look.

Pure pigment in PP-Fervent – you just can’t go wrong with a loose pigment. I also didn’t have a loose pigment this colour.

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner – I prefer a gel liner to a liquid liner. It’s a really nice creamy texture, glides on nicely and the pigment is great.

Mac Eye shadow x9 – I chose this because the colours really jumped out at me! It’s more of a dusky pallet which I liked and will suit my skin tone. So in the basket it went!

Spectrum brush B06 Tapered Blender – thought this cheeky number could be added. I always find I use the same few eye shadow brushes and this brush is great for blending that smokey eye.


Highlighter and bronzer…

Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in OMG Burst – firstly how could you just not buy something so pretty and sparkly (yes, I’m basically a magpie haha!!)? Highlighter is something I struggle with as I can never seem to get the right one for me, so fingers crossed for this one. I’ve used this a few times now, it gives those cheekbones a beautiful shine.

Spectrum A10-Small fanI got the brush to use with the highlighter. I like the fan brushes a lot, especially when used to apply on the tip on the nose it’s not too heavy looking.

Two Faced Sweetie pie radiant bronzer – this just looks insane, it’s so pretty. I use the Anastasia contour kit medium, if you’d asked me a year ago I’d have told you it’s the best thing since sliced bread but now I’m not so sure as I find it goes patchy. I’ve also noticed that on Instagram the dewy/shimmery look is in (this product is yet to turn up:( ).

Spectrum A05-Precision Blush – This brush is great for your bronzer it can give the definition and a fluffy, blended look also.


Lips – Oooh la la…the REAL reason this whole shopping spree happened:

YSL oil in stick 89 Rose Blazer – I’ve always wanted one of these lipsticks but never treated myself to one. So today is the day I officially have one – happy birthday to me!! Yay!! It has a creamy texture, smells insane and lasts a few hours when you’re not drinking G&Ts.

YSL The lip styler 03 Prune – because obviously you can’t have a lipstick without a liner.

Burberry Lip velvet crush Dark Russet 70 – This. Is. My. New. Best. Friend. Everrrr!! It’s so lovely to apply and the colour is to die for. I’d highly recommend this one.


So there you have it. They say that money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you makeup which is pretty much the same thing if you ask me! 

Happy Isolation – make sure you do something today to make yourself smile but STAY INDOORS!!

Love Ells xxxxxx


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