A birthday to remember!

I have to say my amazing other half, Jon, really pulled it out the bag for my birthday. It was no easy feat given we were in lockdown, so planning the day’s activities and organising the food and drink while keeping it all secret was somewhat impressive!

He bought me my presents in bed and made me poached eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast followed by fluffy pancakes covered in nutella. yummy, I know! It was a good start!

Jon had planned 4 themes to the day, and before each theme, I was given a clue so that I could try and guess the theme. If I got it wrong I had to do a shot!

Theme 1 started at around 1pm and the clue was how many stars are on the American flag (its 50 if your wondering). I answered it wrong… first shot of the day to me. 

For our first theme, America we had hot dogs with all the trimmings and of course beer!

We spent the next hour or so with a few games of cards – cheat, it turns out, is a good drinking game. If you called out cheat and you were right they had to have a shot and if you were wrong you had the shot. Its quite simple to pick up, but trying not to laugh while cheating is something i’m not good at.

Theme 2 – where is pit-bull from? Cuba! I got this one right so no shot for me, bring on the mojitos. Becky (Jon’s sister) gave me a step by step class in how to make them and safe to say, they tasted amazing.  Our Cuban dish was garlic and chilli prawns on garlic ciabatta bread, yum!

Cupcakes arrived, followed by a boozy game of ring of fire!! Always a good game to get a party started – even though ours was well underway. It was about 6pm, golden hour had hit, the tunes were playing and we were all wavyy babyyy.

Time for Theme 3!  How tall is the Eiffel tower? 984 feet don’t you know! I didn’t so another shot for me. Out came the Rose wine and camembert with warm bread, I love cheese so this went down a treat (we didn’t have the French flag printed….).

Music and cards carried on until the last theme of the night.

I know what you’re thinking; surely I can’t eat anymore food. But you are wrong. 

Last theme – what colours are the Italian flag and in the right order? I got the colours right but not the order… final shot of the night along with pizza! Tomato, mozzarella and salami and a lot of ketchup, yes that’s right, don’t judge.

Evening had arrived and it was now dark, the fairy lights were on the table were doing their thing. We were having such a nice time you could hear our laughter carrying on into the night. Next to the living room ready for cake!

Ha-ha, I was full for cake (surprised?) I face-timed home for a quick update on the day and to hear my family sing happy birthday! It was lovely. 

I really did have a great day and I’m so grateful for everyone who helped make a quarantine birthday one to remember.

Hope your all safe and well,

Love Ells xxxxxx


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