Sail Croatia

Wow, words can not describe how incredible this  holiday was, I would recommend Sail Croatia 18-35s to everyone! Keep reading to find out just how amazing it was.

Sail Croatia 18-35s – I’m sure you’ve all gathered what sort of holiday this is but it wasn’t just getting drunk. Myself and Jon flew to Split a day before our trip officially started, yes the heat and the smell of being abroad hit us as we got off that plane and our faces lit up knowing we had a week together in the sun. we arrived at our accommodation at around half 5 so naturally you get changed to go and explore oh and obviously find somewhere to get a glass of wine or two. Split is beautiful, full of history and pretty back streets leading to markets and restaurants, perfect!

A couple of drinks later on the seafront we decided it was time for dinner – bare in mind it was 32 degrees at half 8 at night, we stumbled across a cute little restaurant down one of the backstreets and ordered a bottle of wine to share. Turns out it wasn’t a bottle of wine it was a litre… here we go, zulu warrior haha just kidding, oh i had a pizza of course with chilli oil.

Day 1. We had to be out of our accommodation by half 10 as we were expected to be at the harbour for 1 o’clock. Why did we have to be at the harbour? Because we were living on a boat for 7 days!! Exciting I know! Breakfast on our mind we had a wander round trying to find somewhere nice but plop… that’s right … the only thing you didn’t want to happen … it happened to me… a big badass bird pooped on me. Drama I know. The worst thing is there was a man filming an interview and it definitely got caught on camera, already tried to find it on youtube, haha.

Anyway after Jon managed to get  the poop out of my hair, using all the makeup wipes I’d taken. We found the closest laundrette to wash my playsuit and bag. Breakfast was long overdue (and a glass of wine, don’t judge we’re on holiday and I have just been pooped on), as you can see from the picture it was good.

1pm at the harbour. We made it. Before we got told anything a lady from the company offered us an inflatable for the week (had to put a deposit down incase we broke it) there was a big choice but deffo the big watermelon for us to share #couplegoals. And here goes. We were told which boat we’d be on for the next 7 days, which we shared with 4 other people and our skipper. Health and safety out the way, bags in the room, cozzies on and on the top deck to set sail and get to know each other. Immy and Eddie, a couple from Southampton and Laura and Shannon, two crazy Aussies travelling around Europe on their last stop. Oh and of course our skipper pabs.

First stop, Milna.

Swim stop, with the drinks flowing. There were 5 boats in total and they all followed each other around so there was a big group of us all in. In the water we go on our inflatables to get to know everyone else before dinner. Milna, a little island near Split, was so pretty and secluded.

We had to get from the boat to land via a little dingy, definitely different, we arrived at the restaurant (they book the restaurant for us each night ) the food…was definitely interesting.

As we made it back to the boat we found out we hadn’t tied up our dingy so it was floating in between us and the boat but don’t worry pabs came to save us. It was pabs (our skippers) first tour by himself so he tried his hardest to get it all right.  But we loved him already (he made the holiday). Pabs name was actually Carlos but Immy didn’t get the memo and was calling him Pablo and now naturally it was his new name for the week.

Day 2 we set sail first thing to Makarska, with a swim stop half way. (You’ll start to see a pattern each day). Once we arrived we went to do a food shop but most importantly a drink shop, we had to find our own restaurant tonight before the pirate party – a rave in a cave… on the beachfront. We had heard there was a great jumping spot, most of us chickened out but Laura and some of the other guys went for it. There was music playing and the sun was out, what more could you want. The restaurant was so pretty and perfect, eating and drinking while the sunsets we were all ready to get back to the boat for pres. Roll on the cave, it was definitely a good night we all woke up the next morning with sore heads ready to set sail again.

Day 3 – Myself and Laura made the crew scrambled eggs, toast and ham, you’re limited on a boat and the fridge was full of drink, ha. You know what’s coming, swim stop. Oh and we bought the best thing for our swim stop, see, I’m sure you all agree. We arrived at our 3rd destination -Jelsa. This way by far my favourite place. It didn’t have much going on but some lovely restaurants around the harbour, a few cute shops but oh wait we were going WINE TASTING!! Just look at the pictures.

I’ve never done wine tasting before but always wanted to. When we arrived we got welcomed with a shot, not what i was expecting if i’m honest but definitely not complaining. The scenery was absolutely stunning. On our table was fresh cheese, ham, bread and 3 types of oil all made on the vineyard as well as shots and wine. We tried 2 white 1 rose and 1 red oh and a shot or two in between each one, they really didn’t hold back on the wine, large glasses of wine all the way. Feeling merry we noticed a baby donkey, cute. How perfect is life when your happy,wavy in a vineyard in a beautiful part of Croatia sipping wine and stroking a baby donkey #lifegoals.  

Time to sober up, joking we got back to the boat everyone went for a cocktail before dinner and of course we all had wine at dinner, oh and ice cream for pudding on the way back to the boat.

On this night I found it hard to sleep and had been awake since 4 am, bucket list moment, watching the sunrise. Wake up Jon, we’re going to watch the sun come up, we walked to the end of the harbour, sat on the wall and just watched, peacefully. There’s something so magical about watching the sunrise!

Part 2, coming soon.

Love Ells xxx


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