Sail Croatia, continued…

Off we go again to our next stop Hvar. They say it’s just like the south of France and known for its lively bars, oi oi. Our little crew went to explore, the views from the Spanish Fortress were incredible yep we walked all the way up there in 30 degree heat midday, but it was so worth it. We weren’t actually staying on the island, we stayed a 40 minute ferry journey out on a little jungle island.

We got back to our boat at about 5pm and we all know that’s a perfect time for swimming and drinks before getting ready for dinner. Most nights all the boats would eat in their groups and we’d all meet up after for drinks. We found a little restaurant at the top of the island in the middle of the jungle ( mosquitoes everywhere) the food was amazing and the wine went down, well … a little too well. Tonight was different. We had a big night out planned in Hvar. The music filled the streets, the shots went down smoothly and we all had pizza at the end of the night – yes that is definitely a sign of a good night, now on the ferry back to the boat.

The next day the wind was strong and the waves were choppy, yes we all had our heads over the side of the boat. This was one of the longest journeys we had to do and the conditions couldn’t have been any worse for the state we were all in, but the sun was shining!

We arrived at Vis, feeling a little better and what could we see when we pulled up? That’s right, a moped hire shop, and that was the rest of the day set. We drove round the island exploring, ah it was perfect. When we arrived back we started to realise that when you were off the boat you felt like you were bobbing up and down, a strange feeling when on land really.

Our restaurant for the night was a little walk away but the food made up for it, tuna steak yum. One of the things I like most about being abroad is that most of the shops are open after dinner, so you can have a mooch but the best thing of all is when the ice cream shop is open.

The end is near! After our swim stop, which is where the submarines used as their tunnel, great jumping point – I chickened out, again. Our last stop before arriving back to Split was the island Colta, there wasn’t much going on at this stop but it did have a few restaurants, a beach and a shop, which don’t worry sold beer!

Off to the beach! This evening the skippers are making us dinner – tomato pasta. However me and Jon decided to go for a romantic dinner for 2! Oh wow it was definitely worth it, the food was out of this world (i’m guessing you’ve all caught on to how much I like to eat) Jon had sea bass, I had chicken in a creamy sauce and we shared BBQ grilled veg and mushrooms, my favourite. 

Back to split we go, we were sad that we were going to leave our holiday friends, but we still had one last night. We couldn’t believe that it was a week ago we arrived in Split for our first night. We thought we’d explored most of it but we were wrong. There were some amazing historical buildings we’d missed. We also had to go to find the bus station and get our tickets ready for tomorrow and reluctantly hand back our watermelon!

A bar crawl was the plan for this evening. We grabbed a burrito or burger from this little take out place oh and the worst vodka pink lemonade I’ve ever tasted! While we were at the first bar of the night, all sat together a big firework display started. It really was a perfect finish to a perfect holiday.

I watched the sunrise again before we packed our bags and said bye to our new friends.

This is a holiday I would massively recommend, we were anxious about what sort of holiday it would be and whether it was suited for couples but it definitely was! I think the main thing was that we were teamed with such great people, they really made our holiday. We all still keep in touch!

I’ve been sitting in the garden in the sun with a cheeky vodka lemonade writing this and it really felt like I was back there. As soon as isolation is over I’m on that first plane out of here, roll on the next story.

Love Ells xxxxx


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