My grown up chapter.

My grown up chapter.

Me? Grown up? Who’d a thought it? 

Certainly not me! 

Well here it is, it’s official. 

I’m officially a home owner! 

Me and Jon bought our first home together. 

It’s a 1930s mid terrace that needs a LOT of love. 

So that’s what we’re going to do. 

From these pictures you can see it’s a very old house, but a perfect project for us both. 

We’ve had the keys for about 2 weeks now and have stripped the house of all the wall paper, fake wood, curtains but not the carpets. We like these so we’re going to keep them … only joking they were first on the list to go! The kitchens been pulled out along with the built in wardrobes and the electric storage heaters, which weigh as much as a ton of bricks (see what I did there?) if you didn’t know (which I didn’t) they fill the storage heaters with bricks which release heat throughout the night. 

I have found myself already (I can’t believe I’m about to own up to this) turning the lights off after I’ve left the room, making sure all lights are off except the room we’re in and even removing wall paper at night with my phone torch on so no electricity is being used. 

What’s happened to me. 

My dad always used the typical famous dad saying.   “it’s like black pool illuminations in here“ Haha how things have now changed that I’ve got to pay! 


Here are our progress pictures. 

You can see it’s already looking better (even with the mess) 

Now the house is stripped back, it’s time for us to step back and let the gas people hook us up to the mains (that’s right we don’t have gas … £££) the electric people to rewire the plugs and sockets and finally the plaster to make our walls good as new again! 

I can’t wait to start decorating and making it our own. 

Keep a look out for the next blog about how the decorating is going. It could be a while till the next ones up! 

Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading. 

Love Ells xxxx


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