Homeware Haul

Homeware haul ft my favourite furry friend! 

As some of you know me and Jon have just bought a 1930s mid terrace house that we’re currently renovating. 

One of my favourite things is to shop! My new favourite thing is to shop for the house. So I wanted to share with you just a few of my favourite pieces I’ve picked up on the way! 

First off, 

The bamboo lantern – chickidee. 

How beautiful is this? I bought this thinking it will either go in the bathroom or the living room, I haven’t completely decided. However, wherever it goes it will look super pretty and bring the room together ( keep an eye out for where it might end up ). 


Aphrodite boujie naturelle candle, shade cream – Cäiä

I’ve seen these candles on a few Instagram stories and new I had to have one! Not only are they a gorgeous statement piece, they are 100% natural and biodegradable. So your not only making your home look more stylish, your helping a business and the world. 


Home sign – Asda. 

How cute? And it’s a bargain! I can’t wait to hang this little fella somewhere ( also undecided on its place ). I love the black out line writing and the leaves on it – works for every season. 


Shell plate – Laura Ashley. 

As soon as I caught it In the corner of my eye it was in my basket. It’s so delicate and different – definitely a perfect plate for snacks and a dip. That was the main thing I liked about it, you could keep the dip separate.  It’s also a perfect dish for if you have people round. 

Unfortunately Laura Ashley is now closed so I can’t attach the link. 

Candle holder – M&S 

I just loved the colour. Perfect for this time of year and it just warms the room up. It’s labeled as a candle holder but I’m not sure wether I might use it as a vase, a bunch of flowers would pair well with it. 

I got this the other week in the sale, there may be some left in a M&S near you but unfortunately they don’t have it online. 

Bread board – A random garden centre. 

Jon’s mum kindly bought this for us from a garden centre she’s recently visited. I love the colour of it. It will be perfect for your bread or for a sharing platter ( ready for the Instagram photos ) with a bottle of wine or just simply lent against the wall in the kitchen looking pretty. 

Home neutrals fruit wood. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your home or you’ve just enjoyed reading. If anyone has any good ideas on where I should place any of the items – please let me know, I always appreciate ideas. 

Love Ells xxxxx


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