Home Update.

Hey, hey!

The last time we spoke we were waiting on all the bits doing that we needed the professionals for.

We have now been connected to the gas mains and had all our electrics done, the boilers in and the radiators are to die for!

In the meantime we’ve both been super busy in the house.

We have replastered where the walls were chased out for the electrics, repaired gaps and cracks where the old plaster was crumbling away and sanded the walls ready for lining! Lining of the walls has started, sanding of all the the floors is finished – oh and of course the interior shopping is still ongoing!

It’s really starting to look like a house now.

Also … remember that wall I plastered? Well there is now a radiator attached to it, standing strong and tall! To be honest I was really worried that we’d be told it wasn’t a strong enough wall for a radiator and it would need to be redone and by a professional – but here we are. Can I class myself as a pro plaster now? Or am I jumping the gun?


I have this following week off and on my check list is to : Paint the ceilings, walls and Skirting boards. Varnish the floor ( maybe even get some furniture in there ). Exciting!

I know what your all thinking! You want to see pictures?

Well here you are.

Before and after pictures of our newly sanded floor.

The rooms lined and ready for painting.

Sneak peak of the living room wall colour. Also how amazing are the radiators?

Our next major project is the bathroom. This is the one room I’m desperate to change, so I’m super excited about getting it done. Here our some of my inspirational/ idea pictures for the bathroom.

I love the idea of a walk in shower with that style shower screen, the white tiles with black grouting and I love love love the idea of a free standing bath!

I’m hoping the bathroom company give us the go ahead today. If you have any ideas or opinions on the bathroom or the rest of the house it’s greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye out for my next post – Top tips on lining walls and repairing crumbling plaster.

Love Ells xxxx


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