But First, Skin Care Review.

img_7134.jpgFirst of all let us all just take a minute and appreciate how cute this bag is! This is definitely a bag I would use for my skincare or even my makeup when I go off on my travels. Not only do I love the pattern of the bag you can fit a lot in it too.

So, in the salon where I’m currently working this is what we’re giving away and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. In this is gift set are five travel size products, three for skin-care and two for body-care.

This is what they are.

Skin care product No.1 – Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser.


This product is so luxurious. I think that because it’s really creamy and has a thicker texture just give it that more expensive aspect to it as it is a thicker texture it just feels as if it’s really moisturising and hydrating the skin (which it is) as well as removing any makeup or grime from your skin that may have collected throughout the day. This is a product for an older skin type but will benefit anyone and everyone.

Skin care product No.2 – Balancing Lavender Toner.


This toner it’s great for my skin and genuinely helps to balance the oils within my skin, as well as keeping it hydrated. Toners are so underrated but are so important in your skin care routine as it keeps the PH levels in your skin balanced and helps to really hydrate the skin.

Skin care product No.3 – Pro – Collagen Overnight Matrix.


This is brand new to the Elemis Family, it’s a thicker consistency – which I love – and as it feels like I’m putting on an overnight treatment. It helps to leave the skin visibly firmer and smoother. Granted I don’t necessarily need this at the age of 21 but my theory is to get in early and use the products before the effects of age set in keeping back the inevitable… right?

Body are product no. 1 – Sea Lavender and Samphire Bath and Body Milk.

This is a brilliant excuse to have a bath and relax (which we all need to do more of). It smells insane, you can’t smell the lavender in it as that puts some people off but it does leaves your skin smelling truly wonderful, feeling actually nourished, hydrated and so, so, soft. Samphire is actually a type of seaweed not only is it brilliant for the skin its amazing for the body, it helps boost your immune system, improves bone health and helps with weight loss, yes you read that right.
Body product no. 2 – Sea Lavender and Samphire Body Cream.IMG_7140

 Oh my, oh my! This is one of my favourite things in the gift set. So much do I love that I’ve just ordered the FULL SIZE version. Not only does it leave your skin super soft, I keep finding myself stroking my arm,  but its not sticky on your skin after applying like other some moisturisers. One of the main selling points for me is the aroma and it is amazing it’s always hard to try to explain a smell but it’s a delicate and fresh smell and as soon as I smelled it I was in love and now apply it every day.

Enjoy reading,

Ellen x


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