How to handle hormonal skin.

How to handle hormonal skin.

Before I get into the technical side my one forever piece of advice to you all – To.You All.- is,


Yep that’s right, I know it’s achingly tempting, but please step back from the mirror, un-pinch your thumb and forefinger and do something else. I am the owner of nine years worth of tiny scars on my chin from spot popping so if you ever want youthful dewy glowing skin (frankly who doesn’t ) then put your hands back in your pockets. 

Okay, here we go.

Hormonal skin is something we have no control over it’s down to our hormones and we all know we have no control over those. They mess with our emotions and now we find out they mess with our skin too! However we can fight back and keep it under control with just a few basic steps. 

1. DO NOT sleep in your make up! 

2. Wash your face morning and night. 

3. Use an appropriate moisturiser for your skin type. 

4. Try not to touch your face. 


Keep reading for why we need to follow these 5 steps. 

Difficult as this is to take in, we have to treat these pesky spots as our friends. We need to look after them so they don’t turn into enemies and damage our skin. Sounds mad right?  But the more we squeeze, pop and scrub vigorously – the more they will leave marks and the more they will reappear. 

Spots occur because of dirt and bacteria in your pores, so if you’re touching your face or popping spots with unclean hands then you’re basically setting yourself up for unwanted visitors.

By cleansing morning and night we are removing any dirt, dead skin cells, sweat, make up and pollution from the pores and skin. 

By doing this you should see your skin looking a lot clearer and smoother with no unwanted visitors.

I’d recommend cleansing twice when you wake and twice before bed. The first cleanse will wash away any dirt or grime on the surface of the skin. 

Now that dirt and grime is gone it’s time to do the second cleanse to work in the deeper layers of the skin! 

** When you start out with cleansing your skin you may find that you might get a few more spots than expected, this is completely normal as we’re detoxing the skin of all its impurity’s. Its annoying, but they will come out eventually- we are just hurrying up the process.  **

By using a moisturiser not only does it help hydrate and protect the skin it also closes the pores so no dirt or bacteria can get in. Choosing a moisturiser that is suited to your skin type is the way forward and not just any old moisturiser. By picking a moisturiser for your skin type it can help your skins needs, such as reducing excess oil, spots or intensely hydrate your skin. 

** If you have open pores or an oily skin type then your pores will open through the day even with your suited moisturiser, this does mean you can get dirt, sweat or pollution into your pores throughout the day which can cause congestion. For this I’d recommend getting your hands on a toner! This product is a misting spray than not only hydrates your skin and is super refreshing but it also closes your pores! **

As by now you’ve probably gathered about why we have to cleanse our skin. You can see why it’s bad to sleep in your make up. Not only is it not a good look, it makes a mess of your pillow and has to be done in the morning anyway. Come on – you only have to wash it off, so do it before you go to bed if we want healthy skin. All that makeup up will slip into those pores and cause congestion. 

Congestion is little bumps under the skin – it is dirt that is trapped under the skin and can lead to black heads. By cleansing twice it will help reduce the appearance of them as well as removing them. 

As you can see dirt, sweat, make up etc is a massive part in us getting spots. But we don’t think about other factors contributing to it like – our phone screens, our pillows or even a high sugar diet! They are all things you can  either change or clean regularly. 

** Also on ladies week you will get a spot or too no matter what we do, these will always appear especially around the chin, it’s typically a hormonal area. **

Lastly, when you pop a spot you don’t just pop all of the dirt out you often squeeze some of it out and squeeze some further down into the skins Dermis,this will then form another spot and so on. By squeezing a spot that’s not quite ready to come out, your pushing it through fresh and healthy skin layers, this is what leads to scaring. As the skin heels the skins tissue will be lost which will lead to scaring.

By leaving the spots alone they will leave in there own time and with out damaging any fresh skin tissue. 

I hope this has helped you and if you have any questions please comment and i’ll help you the best I can.

Love Ells xxx


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