Back To Reality.

Well what a 5 months!

It was so strange coming home, It was almost like I’d been gone 5 minutes and the whole season was a dream.

Coming home was filled with lots of emotion but excitement was the main one. Getting to see my family, friends and of course my dog.

I came home to birthday banners, presents and all my favourite foods. My first meal back was a curry, now this I’ve been craving all season.

I’ve had an amazing 2 weeks at home, going out for lots of lunches, dinners, day trips catching up with everyone, lots of walks with my pup and celebrating my birthday.

It is very strange to be back in the UK seeing grass and flowers and enjoying the joys of the English weather. I was actually very lucky to experience the 3 days of sun that England had although I wasn’t able to apres in the mountains I made the most of the beer gardens and cocktail bars terrace.

I got to see some of my Frenchie pals from Tignes we all met up in London. Now that was weird seeing everyone in normal clothing and to see them in the big city, It was so lovely too see everyone and to talk about the season, which made me miss it even more… But that isnt it for me.

I’m off again, off to work in Greece for 7 months on a beach resort in Kos as a Salon Manager. I cant wait to be on a beach in the sun with a cocktail… oh and of course working hard.

See you in Greece.


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